We truck cargo to the shipping line at the port of origin and shipped overseas to the importer at the port of destination.
Ocean Freight
Air Freight
Banzuka Road transporters is one of the leading one-stop Logistics transport companies servicing Uganda


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Banzuka Road transporters is one of the leading local and global pet transportation service provider.


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Corporate Relocations

Banzuka Road Transporters  specialists are trained to ensure your goods relocations are handled professionally and efficiently.Through our established network of agents we can provide door to door transport solutions from anywhere to everywhere.


Bannzuka Road Transporters understands what it takes to successfully manage logistics projects, bringing them to completion on time and on budget, even in hard  environmental conditions.

Ware Housing

Banzuka Road Transporters owns and operates  secure warehouse facilities in nearly all our locations. Whether you are interested in storing household goods that you may wish to leave behind or you need a storage option for commercial property.

we provide fast and affordable service for your Shipments. Hire us!

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